Accessing Africa's economic strength

Through our many years of professional experience and market analysis, we know: Africa's economic strength is much greater than publicly perceived. Nevertheless, the demand for certain goods and services is not sufficiently met in African markets - for two reasons:

  1. The goods and services are not available in Africa.
  2. European companies with appropriate goods and services on offer have few contacts in and little knowledge of African markets.

African companies also often lack the necessary contacts in and knowledge of the European market. An important reason behind the inadequate development of Africa’s economy is the lack of close ties with other economies.

Building bridges between Europe and Africa

Prolinkon has therefore decided to take on the task of improving the links between European and African economies. We wish to achieve this goal in the following fields of activity:

  • We personally procure the necessary assets and transfer them to the economic area in which they are needed.
  • We advise companies on how to undertake business in foreign economic areas.

Our profound knowledge of African and European languages, culture and commercial practices allows us to act as a skilled networker between the continents.